A Stardew Valley Discord Bot

Command Description Example
j! gift <character> Shows loves and likes of the given character j! gift Shane
j! birthday <current date> Shows the next person's birthday given current date j! birthday Summer 4
j! build <building> Displays the list of items needed to construct the given building j! build stable
j! bundle <item> Displays the bundle(s) that the given item is a requirement of. j! bundle daffodil
j! likes <item> Shows a list of characters who love or like the specified item. j! likes amethyst
j! schedule <character> <current date> Displays the schedules for the given character j! schedule Alex Spring 13
j! fish <fish> Shows information of the specified fish j! fish eel
j! season <season> Displays a calendar of birthdays and events of the given season j! season Spring
j! collect <item> Collects the item spawned given the correct item name j! collect octopus
j! bundles <item> Displays list of bundles and their requirements. j! bundles
j! give <character> Gives an item you own to a in-game character j! give Shane
j! items Displays the user's current inventory of items j! items
j! give <character> Gives an item you own to a in-game character j! give Shane
j! redirect <channel name> Redirects item spawns to a specified channel j! redirect general
j! toggle <on/off> Toggles item spawns on or off j! toggle off
j! friends Displays current friendships with in-game characters on the server j! friends
j! donate Donate to help support our bot! j! donate